Install doesnt detect Soap

  • I've tried to install both versions of the install, and neither is decting soap. I've attached a link to my screenshot of my phpinfo to verify it is in there. It was more than 1mb so had to upload to a diff site. Any help is appreciated. [img][/img]
  • I know there is a bug in the installer that I will remove in the comming update. He normaly detect if the soap module is loaded but before he already trying to create a soap connection. That was my bad and will be fixed. I see that the soap module is installed but it looks not activated for me. The following steps should be help you: [list=1][*]Try to install php7-soap if it´s already installed you can skipp this point (Link: [url][/url]) [*]Go in your php.ini. There you could enable soap if it´s from php disabled. [/list]