Download Version 1.3.14 Open Beta

  • [size=14]Changelog for ver. 1.3.14-CLOSED-BETA[/size] [list][*]Bugfix: Serverbanner will now show content on the image [*]Bugfix: Undefined index: right_web_server_view in web_teamspeak_serverview [*]Bugfix: Undefined variable: handler in functionsTeamspeak [*]Bugfix: Undefined offset: 0 in functionsTeamspeak [*]Bugfix: Undefined index: succes in functionsTeamspeak [*]Bugfix: Undefined index: right_web_server_view in functionsBackupPost [*]Bugfix: Undefined index: right_web_server_backups in functionsBackupPost [/list]If you want more Informations about that Interface visit our Homagepage: [url][/url] [size=24]Downloads[/size] [list][*][url='']Source code (zip)[/url] [*][url='']Source code (tar.gz)[/url] [/list]
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