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    [quote='Provo','']Good day, The error message indicates that the ServerQuery account is notconnected to Teamspeak, please make sure that your serverquery password, IP and the query port (default 10011) arecorrect. Also put the IP of your web interface into the query_ip_whitelist. txt in your Teamspeak 3 Server folder [/quote]The password, IP & port are all correct for the server that I'm entering, I know this because I put the same stuff through YataQA and Putty Telnet and I can access everything that I need to. The interface is hosted on the same box as the TeamSpeak so local host and the IPv4 IP's are all whitelisted. Yet It still gives me the error in the console stating the script isn't connected to the TeamSpeak and I cannot view my server but can see that it is connected as I can view the Maste Server tab just the Server Overwiew is a red empty box like the previous images I sent.
    [quote='L.Gmann','']can you please check if you can get the information over the telnet console directly? I need to know if it´s maybe a problem from teamspeak site or if it comes from the class [/quote]As in using the console from the instance on the interface or using a program like Putty to use telnet? Because I can connect through Putty telnet, but when using the interface console I get this error: [img][/img]
    For some reason it won't Display the servers: [img][/img] [b]But I know a server is on the instance because 1. I'm on it right now and 2. The Master server displays this:[/b] [img][/img] But as you can see from that ^ the server overview does not work.
    [quote='L.Gmann','']First of all disable display_errors in your php.ini file. Maybe this will fix the problem for now. In the coming update will be all warnings notifys or errors removed. [/quote]Ah ok, I will try this. But does this actually fix the actual problem of the panel not displaying any TeamSpeak connected to that Instance?
    I get these errors on the server page, probably why the default 9987 won't show here and I cannot give myself ServerAdmin Query through the console as it says the script isn't connected to the server: [img][/img]
    [quote='L.Gmann','']Are the other mails available? [/quote]All of them but Server Request rejected and Create ticket have stuff in them.
    [quote='L.Gmann','']Yes it´s possible. I will try to implent it to the next version [/quote]Thank you.
    Is it possible to make it so that when a user submits a server request, an email is sent to anyone who has permissions to accept or reject server requests saying that one has been submitted? Because at the moment you have to manually check and refresh if a request is sent. I think it would be easier to have a notification system so that Admins can be quicker to respond to the requests.
    Server Requests that I reject have no emails being sent to the users because the Email body is apparently empty. So I go into the email settings to find that the Server Request rejected is completely empty as shown: [img][/img] So I fill the information out and save it but it doesn't save, when I refresh the page it just empties itself every time: [img][/img]
    Is there a way to change the timezone that the Interface uses? I live in the UK, the VPS is hosted in France so that's probably why it's an hour ahead. It would be much easier to track when things like errors occur or requests are made rather than forcing myself to remember that everything is an hour ahead.
    A Staff member of the TeaSpeak Team have stated that viewing of clients works through YataQA as shown here: [img][/img] They are claiming that it must be something on the Interfaces side if the Server Overview doesn't show clients in their channels when the Admin ServerQuery has full permissions to do so.
    There is also the wrong word used in the banlist when you ban someone manually and enter their name [b]It should say Name or Nickname but instead says Surname:[/b] [img][/img] [b]Also banning people by their "name" doesn't actually work, banning IP's and UID's bans them straight up but adding a name one does nothing.[/b]
    I have created a support thread on their to find out why the permissions keep wiping themselves and see if they have an answer. I can still use the interface which I love but seeing people on teamspeak would help with assigning groups etc.
    I also just found out that because I'm running a teaspeak server not teamspeak, for some reason all of the "serverquery" permissions are being reset a little bit after I give them all. they look like this now and I can't stop them from changing themselves: [img][/img]